2014 Hershey Pennsylvania travel blog

Our day started out with beautiful weather as the sun peeked above the trees to the east of the campground. As I was riding around on my scooter I sighted two geese on the banks of the Old Mill Stream, which is the name of the campground. Along with the geese were five baby geese which were feasting on bugs for quite some time, never did see them get in the water. Did get a picture of them and a duck as it was taking off from the stream. The birds here are sure very loud and there are lots of them. This is the first place we have been that the birds were so pleasant to list to in the morning.

We are going to visit the Choo Choo Barn this morning, it is a place that has 1700 sq. feet of model railroad set up. It not only has the working trains but other parts of it are working also. The kids really enjoyed the display with all the different scenes that were happening at the same time. This was a very good stop for the kids.

Next we went to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum that is down the street from the Choo Choo Barn. We were not sure the 2 younger grandchildren were going to like this but they had several interactive displays the kids could play on. It was a very good stop also for the kids. Logan got to drive a train with the interactive engine that was set up with a video screen like he was going down the track. They got to get on some of the engines and there were people explaining how the engine worked and pulled all the cars.

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