2014 Hershey Pennsylvania travel blog

Our day started out with Chip leaving for work at 6:45 am to prepare for his two services. We drove over to the church to attend the 8:30 am service. As he was doing the 10:00 am service we got the truck hooked up and everything ready to leave when he was done. We were able to leave at 11:20 am for the trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania. The weather was great for a day of driving because we knew we wouldn’t get there until around 6:00 pm, so it was nice not to have bad weather.

I hate to drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike around Pittsburgh because every time I do the roads are torn up with construction, it was true again. They make the lanes so narrow that you have to be on your toes or you may wipe out the side of your vehicle with the barricades. The lanes are tight and the people drive like all of them are in a race to get to nowhere, only got cut off twice this time. Finally got out of the Pittsburgh mess and into the mountains with the tunnels which the kids got a thrill going thru them. At the third tunnel we approached the traffic was being stopped because a truck had broken down at the other end. We were only about 10 cars back but not in the tunnel, sure would not have been fun stopped inside the tunnel. With the traffic on the road I bet it was backed up for 10 miles before we started moving again, it wasn’t bad only stopped for 20 minutes. They done a great job getting it cleared at the other end. We got out of the mountains and traffic was flowing very smooth on the flat part of Western Pennsylvania with very little construction the rest of the drive into Lancaster.

We got to the campground around 7:00 pm which with all the delays was only 1 hour later than we expected to arrive. The campground, Olde Mill Stream, is right in the middle of malls, hotels and restaurants. It is a large campground but not to level of sites, we got level but the left front tire is off the ground, not the best place.

We got all set up, Chip’s family hit the showers, which are very nice and had supper. The kids did travel great today for such a long ride. They didn’t waste any time falling to sleep tonight, just like the rest of us.

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