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Morning bike ride photos from along the Rambla





Our hotel


A few photos from our afternoon tour. Plaza Independencia

Monumento La Carreta. This is a monument to the ox cart drivers...

Plaza de la Armada. Monument to those who lost their lives at...

We were out and about on our first of two full days in Montevideo. After breakfast, Colleen and I road bikes along the 13mile Rambla across the street from our hotel. The river on one side and the city on the other. There is a seperate path for bikes and runners/walkers. Seems like everyone was out this morning so you had to pay attention to where you were riding. After lunch we went on a city tour to take in some of the history and a stop at a large market called Mercado Agricola where we treated ourselves to chocolate gelato. We are starting to pick up some of the nuances of Uruguayan culture. They like to eat dinner around 10pm, the cafe's which are everywhere are packed around 6-7pm. Not to hard to find coffee, pastry, and desserts here. Olive oil is served at every meal but forget about using pepper or maple syrup. Nowhere to be found. It was a pleasant surprise there is no smoking in public buildings and the city is kept quite clean. You see lots of young families with grandparents doing their shopping, eating out, at the beach, or at one of the many parks in and around the city. Tourists are mostly Spanish and Portuguese speaking and we rarely heard English as a native language. An occasional cruise ship docks in the harbor so we did see a few large tour buses around town. Tourists can also take a ferry from Buenos Aires to see the city too. We have lucked out weather wise and tomorrow we plan on taking the city bus into the "Old City".

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