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Map or Pangkor Island


Inside of ferry :/

Having a beer on the beach

Coral island

Coral beach

Our cake

Pink taxis

Fishing village

Pangkor jetty

2nd February

Ok, car delivered at 10:00 as promised. It's ok. A Proton as per last year and has free GPS which works this time incidentally.

Packed the car and set off. Part of the way on toll road but it wasn't very much. Can't remember, sorry. We went through jungle and villages same as, same as. When we were nearly here, we were going over a small bridge over a river. Guy thought he'd seen a crocodile so we went another mile or so and I turned around, parked, and we walked back to the bridge. I'm looking over the nearside which is where he was sitting, when he said it was swimming under the bridge, so again, like Pooh sticks, we rushed over to the other side, and no it wasn't a crocodile, it was a huge monitor lizard, about 4 foot long. It stuck its head up, saw me and dived down. Guy still insists it was a crocodile. I'm persuading him it's a monidile or a crocozard. Anyway, it was there and it was huge. They're very much like we'd imagine a dinosaur would look like.

Arrived at the hotel at around 2pm. It is what it is. Basic but we knew that. It's got aircon, a large window and a comfy double bed and another single bed. Had a wander around the town, dropped the laundry off. Nothing really to write home about. Found a bar and had lunch at about 3pm. Expensive! Never mind, it's just because we've had it cheap in Penang. We're spoilt! Really, really tired. Must be the heat so we went back to our room and had a nap for an hour or so.

This evening we looked for somewhere for dinner. Found Jooks. It's a bar/restaurant. I think it's mainly frequented by expats or holiday makers. We had boring dinners. I had fish and chips and Guy had 'lasagne' which seemed to be a mix of chicken minced and pasta sheets and spaghetti. Bit strange. I did have a vin rouge though and it was very nice. The bill came to 100.60 ringgits; £20.

3rd February

Get up this morning, look for underwear.....oops. We've left it at the last hotel! So, all I have are 2 pairs of pants and one pair on, so need washing, the other pair I washed through last night so still wet. Guy's the same but has 3 pairs; 2 still wet and 1 needs washing. He does however, have shorts with pants in the em which he has to wear today. Emailed the hotel but no response yet. I expect someone's had them away. Thought its their birthday or something. Wouldn't mind, Guys were new and I had a new swimsuit too. Grrrrr!

Emailed the hotel. Spoke too soon. Sorry. They have the items but need to find out how much postage is before sending on. Pathetic! They're forgetting tripadvisor. I will leave feedback! Another message, they're sending the items tomorrow and I'll pay using PayPal. That's ok. Got an email to say that the postage is 15 ringgits, 2.88 but I have to pay BEFORE they'll send the package!

Had a lazy day. Drove about 10 miles to Macdonalds - sorry, there's no bakery or stuff in this town and we don't fancy rice and stuff we should eat for dinner for breakfast. Got there, ordering the breakfast special to find its a public holiday, we have to,pay full price. Guy throws a hissy fit and I made him sit down while I ordered. We paid full price. No point in arguing is there? They don't understand and if they do, they pretend not to. From there we went to look at a supermarket called Giant. Yes, its huge, but there's nothing we want there so we go from there to Tesco. Shoulda brought my Tesco card! Bought some pants for us both, Guy bought a couple of pairs of speedos, yes I know they're old fashioned and boring but he likes them. Get to the checkout and we had 2 doughnuts in a bag. Couldn't have them because we hadn't asked the girl to price them. There wasn't anyone there! Absolute chaos! We think Tesco in Minehead's bad in the summer but at least the staff are helpful (most of them), and there's always someone ready to run and price something for you. Here the staff are either on their phones ignoring you or can't be bothered, some of them sniggering at you as you go by. Anyway, dumped the doughnuts. After we got out, we realised she hadn't put everything through the till. Would have gone back if she'd been more helpful but she wasn't.

Got back to the hotel, changed and went to the little beach in Lumut. It is small too. Our beach towel things are in the laundry so we had to make to with a small towel from the hotel and a wrap. It was ok until the tide came in. Wandered right along the waterfront. It was, when built, absolutely stunning. However, this is Asia and nothing is cleaned, repaired or maintained and so the purpose built cafes and eateries are closed down, the gardens are unkempt, and although there are rubbish bins, no one uses them preferring to drop their bottles and rubbish as they go, in fact it's all a bit sad. It could be so nice; a thriving town.

This is a Malaysian Navy town and along the road about half a mile is their shipyard. We saw a bird named Oriole - a bright yellow bird about the size of a blackbird. We saw one in the gardens in Penang too but I've only just looked it up.

Dinner in same place; Malay food though tonight. Similar price. Going to Pangkor Laut Island on the ferry tomorrow.

4th February

Breakfast in room. Found out that we can help ourselves to hot water in reception so yesterday, bought cups. We could have a cuppa this morning - yay!

Caught the 10:30am ferry to Pangkor Laut Island. Cost 20ringgits for us both return. That's £4 so good value for money. We thought it was further than it is. The ferry only took about half an hour. Passed the navy base and shipyards, a fishing village with lots of trawlers. That's another village on the island. We could have gotten off there but chose not to. We got off in Pangkor town, found a bakery and had a small cake between us and a cup of coffee, then headed out to the beach on taxi. All the taxis on the island are pink minibuses. Anyway, cost us 15ringgits to get to Teluk Nipah beach. When we got there, sunbeds were free. They were attached to a bar so we felt obliged to buy a beer, well you do don't you? Beach is beautiful soft, powdery sand. The sea isn't as clear as we thought it'd be although, in reading the blurb, there's a little island just off the beach, a bit further than swimming, which is said to have clear water good enough to snorkel. We met a couple of chaps from California; Harvey and Norman who've taken a years sabbatical and have been travelling since August, they're staying at a golf resort we'd looked at. They're not happy because it's a bit remote and they have no transport.

Came back on the 5:00pm ferry. Sorted out the credit card which has been stopped! Also, sorted out house insurance which needed not renewing and re-bought with someone else.

Dinner in the same place because it's about the only place with lots of clientele. Most of the others are either empty or look gross.

5th February

Same as yesterday although bought a couple of postcards eventually. No one sells them and certainly no one sells ones of Pangkor, only generic Malaysian postcards. I found one postcard only and bought 3 for our girls but posted them from Lumut in case the postbox in Pangkor isn't emptied.

We tried to snorkel but the water wasn't clear enough. Such a shame. We tried also to walk out in a sandy causeway to coral island but the tide had just turned and was coming in. It also was pretty hard going on the feet - coral hurts! Came back on the 4:15 ferry because it was so hot and I felt I was burning. Collected laundry on the way home, just over a kilo and it was 7 ringgits - £1.50, great value.

Drinks in room; dinner in Jooks again. I'm having spring onion chicken. Had the beef spring onion last night and it was delicious, bit gingery but nice.

Have to pack later, off to Port Dickson in the morning.

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