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Saturday, January 31

Lemaire Channel and Booth Island; Penola Strait

We started out Saturday sailing the lovely Lemaire Channel, surrounded on both sides by huge, snow-capped cliffs. Our landing was on Booth Island, which was rough-going on account of icy rain and wind. We did feel that this was part of the Antarctic experience, though even the insides of our Shackleton parkas got soaked. As well as the usual Gentoo penguins, we also saw some Chinstraps and also some Adelie chicks, which is a species that generally keeps to the Weddell Sea and colder climates farther south.

After warming up at lunch, we headed out for a scenic zodiac tour of the Penola Strait amidst the ice floes Leopard seals, an Antarctic fur seal, and a sleepy Weddell seal. This would be the farthest south reached by our expedition at 65 ยบ south.

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