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3 February

Everything worked out fine. The taxi was punctual and at 7:20 we set off from

Antigua at a good pace. After 30 mins we ground to a halt – this was the traffic build up going to Guatemala City and we were still 20 kms. roughly away. There is only one road which sweeps up a mountain, then sharply down the other side and it is clogged with chicken buses and loads of American-style trucks, huge things dragging huge loads. We got to the bus station in plenty of time despite the traffic and the bus also left on time. I was upstairs (for some reason the cheap option) but all the seats have spacious leg room and leg rests and more comfortable than National Express. The journey is very pretty; Guatemala has so many mountain ranges you are always twisting your way up one,or down to then be faced with yet another. This is obviously why the drivers appear to be very slow (the only country in Central America where you can say that!), and cautious, especially when you get behind a queue of trucks.

We only had a 15 minute stop around 1pm before continuing to Puerto Barrios. This last leg never seemed to end and we arrived 1’20” late and happily the taxi driver was still waiting for me.

The hotel is really nice and I think there may only be three people staying here. It’s gardens are full of very still palm trees (weather is wonderful for me – hot and no wind) with an equally still and large pool as there was nobody about. Unfortunately, with my late arrival and feeling jaded I benefitted only from a shower in the quirkily plumbed bathroom.

The receptionist could not have been more helpful and rang around, was precise and proactive in getting me the information for my onward boat journey tomorrow.

I could well have stayed here another night and just lazed around the pool, but I have to count my days carefully and after a very good dinner set about planning how to spend them up to Sunday when I go to the group hotel.

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