Guatemala and Belize 14 Jan - 24 Feb 2015 travel blog

Hotel gardens

ruined church with long name

Ancient washing place still in use

Palace on main square


Hotel 'road' with houses off and rooms withing

29 Jan - a fairly long drive to Antigua but broken up by stops. on the way. First, for me, was to the pharmacist to spend £13 on a bottle of cough syrup and 10 paracetymol - they need to be good at that price. We had returned to Chichicastenango for the colourful market but I just browsed on or two lanes of stalls and went t's sleep the very posh hotel for a strong coffee.

We stopped for lunch (chocolate with rum for me) before stopping further on at a small Mayan site - one of the most recent. I was not well enough to visit and enjoyed a quiet 1.5 hour's sleep on the bus.

I was glad to get to our very nice hotel built in colonial style and room in 'houses with small terraces mostly overlooked by one volcano or another.

It was farewell to our driver but I missed the meal and went to bed after a hot bath.

30 Jan

Did the orientation tour of this small colonial town, once the capital of Guatemala. The presence of ever-erupting volcanoes made it unsuitable so it lost that status and is now a tourist place but surprisingly quiet. There are lots of churches and convents mostly in ruins from various earth movements, many marking the stages of the cross which end at our hotel.

We went by the jade factory and got a very good explanation of where it comes from, the types and how the Mayans worked this very hard stone.

I had lunch on the verandah of the hotel having come back to sleep for an hour but that got extended across the afternoon and into the evening so missed the final group meal.

31 Jan

I was to leave here today for the Pacific coast but made an early decision not to go to give myself a chance to recover. I am now here till 3 Feb and some of the group are also staying on including the nice couple from the Scilly Isles.

Feeling a bit better today and will potter into town and have lunch, then probably rest near the pool.

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