Guatemala and Belize 14 Jan - 24 Feb 2015 travel blog

River crossing

Raft for our bus

Mayan queue outside bank

Cave scramble

more scramble

23 January Flores to Coban

Mobile phone vibrated to wake me up and I thought how bad I felt as the pace was non-stop. I seriously thought I would not be able to keep doing these early starts.

I hurriedly showered, dressed, put on my eyes and packed my things to then check the clock – still only 4:30! Stupid Vodafone had sent me a text and I had thought it was the alarm – so a return to bed for a couple more hours which fortunately was also enough time to get my socks dried.

We then drove some distance in the bus and a short crossing of a river by motorized canoe while our bus had to wait for a larger raft. This meant we had time to walk through the first small town which felt really Guatamalan as there were queues of Mayan women cashing their government cheques –I don’t know if they would all have got their money by the end of the day as there is heavy bureaucracy for each of the hundreds of women to produce before getting the cash..

We were heading for Coban for no special reason except we need to get through Guatemala City to arrive at Lake Atitan tomorrow which is where we (all gratefully) stay for three whole days. To break the journey we stopped off at some caves – a bit of a scramble up to them and then through them and many of the group didn’t manage it all. There are miles of these chambers and quite pleasant as they have been left in their natural state for the main with no lights or silly signs pointing to shapes, animals and things.

Coban has not much of interest but is high in the mountains and the surrounding agriculture is coffee, tea and cardamom – which I was able to buy when we stopped to try the locally grown coffee – excellent.

The hotel is again quite pleasant as far as the rooms are concerned – wardrobe space off spacious bedroom and big shower room off that. Declining another supper with the group I have been able to catch up on my writing and sort photos for upload. Unfortunately the wifi doesn’t work in the bedroom so I hope to catch up on some of them before breakfast tomorrow.

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