We arrive on a sunny and windy day

Entrance road is interesting rangers are friendly

Better view of "the little engine that did".

Our site up on a hill top

One of the facilities, this is the Adult Lodge

This is the Family Lodge

Great Pool

A 5 resort 8 ball pool tournament

The drive from TT Rancho Oso to Acton, California was only 160 miles and went real smooth. Driving along the coast down to Ventura was, at times stunning. We have several things to see on this trip to the L.A. area. Last time we were here we participated in a Hollywood tour, this time we have a tour of the floating museum, The Queen Mary on tap. That coupled with visiting some of Dave's cousins should provide plenty of things to do and see.

This will probably be our last time to stop at this resort during the winter. It sits on the edge of the high desert near Palmdale, CA. This area gets high winds,sometimes super high winds called "the santa anna winds" and at 2600 foot elevation can get quite cool, cooler than we like. Our next time through the area, we will go instead to TT Wilderness Lakes, March AFB and other such areas down near Riverside, CA.

We will be leaving Soledad one day earlier than planned, to facilitate us getting into AF Village West next to March AFB. We will be taking a look at their retirement facilities and considering them as an option when we leave the road. We like to have some options lined up, just in case that time comes sooner than we plan. Just for the record, we are planning on staying out here on the road for at least 5 more years, maybe as long as 10 mor years.

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