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Placencia is pretty much made for relaxation. The hotel where we are staying has free bicycles, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment. After breakfast, we got kayaks and started out to a nearby island. Inside the barrier the sea is smooth as glass, occassionally upset by a passing boat. I've been in lots of different boats before, but never a kayak. I looked kayaking up on the Internet this morning so I could at least have a clue about how it is supposed to work. I didn't turn it over in the middle of the sea, so I guess I'm good.

On the island, we tied up to a little pier and started to snorkel. The guy who owned the pier came out and chatted with us. I was expecting a "Get off my property," but that seems contrary to Belizian culture. Instead, he just talked to us about Belize, what we were doing, and what life was like here.

We found a beach back on the pennisula to drag the boats onto and snorkeled a little, but we were getting hungry for lunch. We paddled back up the coast to the hotel. Basilio discovered that if you laid back flat on the kayak, you could float right under a pier. I did it too, but was a bit afraid I was going to get stuck under the pier. Of course, I didn't. There is no Internet under the pier and I wouldn't be able to make thiis journal entry.

After lunch, our hotel is holding a "poker run"--not exactly what I thought. You go from bar to bar having two drinks at each one. Somehow that ends up with a poker hand. The crowd looks like spring break for baby boomers. We've decided to pass.

Tomorrow we head back to Belize City. It's about a 4 hour bus ride from here. There are a couple of ways to do it. What I'm not considering is the 6:15 a.m. bus that takes you directly to Belize City in about 3.5 hours instead of 4. There is not that much we are wanting to get back to Belize City for. If we get there in time for dinner, life will be good.

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