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The Paradise Resort

Today has been all about traveling. We packed up and grabbed breakfast in San Ignacio, then walked to the bus station. It wasn't long until a bus going toward the capital, Belmopan, showed up. As we rode along, I chatted with a girl from Southern Cal who is in Belize for a couple of years with the Peace Corps. We reached Belmopad in about an hour, stopping at about every intersection to let someone on or off the bus.

At Belmopan we were fortunate to catch a bus immediately that was heading South. The driver told me we had two options. We could either go about an hour on this bus, wait two hours, and catch another bus to Placencia. Or we could take the bus three hours to Independence and take a water taxi across to Placencia. The second sounded more time efficient, so we settled into the bus to Independence. it was a long trip with lots of stops, but it wasn't unpleasant. The scenery along the highway was spectacular. The mountains were pretty incredible.

We finally arrived, paid way too much for a taxi to get a mile or so to the water taxi and waited about 30 minutes to crowd onto the boat. They made us put on life preservers which didn't exactly inspire me. Still, we made it across to the Pennisula without incident. We decided to walk the kilometer or so to the hotel. We had been sitting a long ways. We got some food and then wanddered the town a little. It is probably the most touristy place we have been, but it's nice and still pretty quiet.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow, but there is plenty to keep us occupied.

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