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January 26 - Australia Day

I won't have wifi until we reach Hawaii so I'm doing the next two days ahead of time so that the trip map continues to get us back to Alaska!

We fly out today (22nd) toward Honolulu with an overnight stay in Nadi, Fiji to break the trip up. As we are leaving Sydney there are signs showing the locations that are being closed off from 7am to 6pm on January 26th which is Australia Day --- the day they gained independence from England, yet stayed in the "family" by being in the Commonwealth. This is a national holiday with family gatherings, fireworks, and Aussie themed events. It also means the close of the summer holiday because they resume school on January 28th. Hint -- if you come to Australia, avoid December 15-January 28 and you'll be in a much less crowded time, off season costs, and cooler temps. On the other hand, you would miss two of their biggest celebrations - New Year's Eve and Australia Day.

Nadi, Fiji airport is a busy international airport and a stopping off point for families and travelers who want to break up the long trip to the US on planes from Sydney. Our hotel is five minutes from the international terminal but due to construction happening, we take the hotel shuttle instead of walking (no sidewalks). We stayed at this same hotel going to Australia. Even at 9pm it was steamy - with humidity being almost visible if it weren't for smog from fire burning someplace close enough to smell smoke. The hotel has louvered windows that are open and little air units by the bed -- apparently standard in this area which isnt the expensive resort areas.

The Sydney to Nadi flight is almost six hours. Hugs -RH

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