The drive over the mountains on I-80

we don't have 4 wheel drive so had wait for a break...

beautiful snow storm just finishin dropping many feet

So much snow at the higher elevations

Meet Gina, Kent and little Snow Flake

Meet Keith, Angelique, Kayden & Kody

Dave and two boys, Keith and Kent

Angeique, Rebecca and Gina

Dave meets up with cousin long lost to us, Joy

Meet Frank, Sharon, of course Rebecca, Dave

The plan was to leave our coach parked in Galt and drive up and over the Sierra's to Reno. Reno is our former home town and now the residence of three of our childrens families. Dave's oldest brother, Frank and his wife Sharon live in a nearby town. So, with this plan we get to spend some Christmas time with all family who live there.

The drive over the mountains was beautiful, between storms the pavement was wet and some snow was falling. We went right to Frank and Sharons home. to see our children and grand children. Over the next several days, we visit with friends, family and renew with a long lost cousin.

When Christmas was finished we drove back to Galt on the 26th and departed Galt the next day enroute to warmer climes, finishing the winter in southern California and Arizona.

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