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Ferry on the way to San Pedro

Basilio on the ferry




A window from the Cathedral on the Caye


Golf Carts seem to be the favored transportation here


At the Hotel Cafe on Karioki Night

I woke up and checked the time on my phone--9:30! I jumped up and started getting ready. Basilio did as well. We decided to try to catch a 10:30 ferry to San Pedro, but didn't see how we were going to make it. The next ferry didn't leave until 1:00 p.m. Unbelievably, we arrived sweating to the ferry terminal at 10:30 and the ferry had not left. So, we bought tickets and started waiting to board. After 15 miniutes, Basilio asked when the ferry was leaving. 10:30, the girl informed us. What time is it now? He ased. 9:45. What! So, my phone was still on Eastern time, where we left it in Miami. I was back on Central Time. We got a little breakfast a waited for the ferry.

We arrived in a rain storm. We had planned to walk to Pedro's Hotel. Some how the money for a taxi seemed better spent after we stood in the rain for a bit. the hotel is pretty basic, not the Hiton by any means. But they have Karioki tonight!

We found some lunch then took a swim. Signed up for a snorkling trip to the second largest barrier reef in the world for tomorrow. Walked a lot. Met a lot of Americans. And now are seriously sitting in the Karioki pizza place.

A Day Later--

We got up and headed to a snorkling adventure along the barrier reef. It was pretty amazing. We swam over the coral. The number of varieties of fish was astounding. We actually went to three different spots to snorkle. Shark Alley was pretty much what it sounds like. It is a gap in the reef that sharks and sting rays swim in and out of. Our guide caught a small nurse shark and conviinced me to hold it. There were huge sharks but they seemed a lot more interested in the chum the boats were dropping than the guests. Yikes. The hardest moment was actually not swimming wiht the sharks; it was jumping in the water with them.

We've found a little El Salvadoran restaurant we really like and it is CHEAP. So we've been there several times already.

We catch a water taxi in the morning back to Belize City and then bus to the Cayo Region. Should be fun.

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