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Bendemeer camping spot

Bendemeer camping spot

Bendemeer camping spot

Bendemeer camping spot

Bendemeer camping spot

apricots growing wild on the side of the road! hundreds of trees!

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Bendemeer camping area

Hello all,

Some good news for a change. Baby Girl produced a little poo on Friday then today, finally ate a good serving of chicken breast. Also, today she had a bit of diarrohea, while in the car, of course (luckily I had an old towel under her), and due to all the laxatives she is getting. It was only a small amount, and she hasn't done anything since! Weird. So maybe she will be back to normal in a couple of days. It has certainly lifted my mood a bit.

I am now in Bendemeer, just east of Tamworth, after having stayed two days in that lovely rest area at Glencoe. Met another lady there who is travelling with her dog, comes originally from WA and now owns a house in Townsville. She had a van but now has a VW Crafter van and is going to see the south coast of NSW in it.

I will be staying overnight here and then leave early for Tamworth, just down the road, where I get the van's air con fixed.

Then I might go back to Armidale where there is a Dan Murphy's and have a look around there, haven't really decided yet. I don't have to be at my next housesit in Edgeroi (20k north of Narrabri) until the 22nd so I have some time to kill seeing the area.

Between about Guyra and here the roadsides a full of apricot trees laden with fruit, so I picked a bucket full. Must be careful or I might end up in the litter tray with Baby Girl.

One other thing, I set up the satellite dish today, for which a compass in handy, so I retrieved two compasses from the car and found that weirdly neither of them work, so I got my new smartphone and called up the Wikicamps app that has a satellite finding feature and found that my BRAND NEW SMARTPHONE DOESN'T HAVE A COMPASS. What smartphone in 2015 doesn't have a bloody compass??? What a crock!! So I dug out my old smartphone, on which everything except phone calls works, and used it because it does have a bloody compass. Not happy, Jan. So two morals here: 1. don't throw anything away; 2. make sure your new phone has EVERYTHING you use now.

That's all the news

love to all


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