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Breakfast in restaurant , Bangkok

I want one of these garden ornaments!

Restaurant garden

Our car

Oops .......driving through Bangkok


Guy with Ronald MacDonald

Me with Ronald MacDonald

Doughnut with blue jam

The river Kwai from a bridge

Car arrived this morning at 10:00 as arranged. They must have heard that I have to take pics of rental cars so I can remember which cars arrived with a blinking great elephant logo along both sides! 𯘃. Larger than ordered, automatic - not ordered, engine size the same 𯘒, bit of a plodder! Satnav set up into English, great; no volume control so in order to hear the wretched woman, had to stop in the side of the road, scrabble and around in a suitcase to find a portable speaker. That worked ok and it didn't run out of battery! Entered the nearest larger town past the accomodation, set to recommended route and off we went.......straight through Bangkok! Oops! Even drove past Wat Po. Anyway, not too bad, traffic moved ok and well, we could hear the sat nav lady now....just. Stopped for lunch at a MacDonalds...sorry, but needed the loo and we knew, sorta, what we were going to get, bonus.

We thought the journey would take us through rural areas but there wasn't any. It was mainly 3 lane both way road until Kanchanaburi, also a very large town, if not city. We found our accomodation really easily, their instructions were really good. The room's good and has everything you need. Bathrooms ok, it's got a loo, washbasin and shower, what more can you want? There's a balcony with mosquitoes (thought that'd cheer you all up. I do have mossie burners though, haha!) around 2 sides so currently having a drink on it....also a doughnut. We walked to the small town/village 5 mins up the road, went to the market and bought some satay sticks to eat on the walk back and the doughnuts (now eaten) and the beer (nearly drank). Not much there in the way of shops, just a few 'shack type' shops but they sold stuff so that's ok if that's what you want. We passed loads of tesco lotus earlier but didn't bother stopping. We'll have to go and get supplies tomorrow from Kanchanaburi.

Just so you're not all too's raining now! Not just a little trickle but a dirty great waterfall. We have to go out and eat shortly....or not! Depends on the rain. Could drive, but I've had a beer.

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