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Kangaroos hanging out in North Durras

Fur seals at Montague Island

Mama fur seal with pup

Fur seals cooling off in the water

Crested tern mama and baby

Solid stone lighthouse

Fairy penguins hopping on the rocks

Fairy penguins at Featherdale

We didn't want Christopher to miss out on the fairy penguins, so we all drove south along the coast to the town of Narooma to take a boat tour to Montague Island. It is a national park and very protected so that only a limited number of people, on a guided tour, can come visit. What a treat! As we boarded the boat, huge sting rays came rising out of the water, eating the fishy left-overs from some other boats. We watched a seagull catch a huge fish and even though we didn't believe it, gulp it down in one (big!) bite. At the island, the boat took us to view the Australian AND New Zealand fur seals, lounging on rocks and "cooling off" in the water with flippers in the air. The island is a breeding ground for four different types of birds, and we watched a mamma crested tern sitting on her baby until all of the over-eager photo takers scared her off her baby. We quickly left her to return to her nest. After a trip up into the stone lighthouse and a quick review of the islands history, it was time to see the star attraction.

Hundreds of fairy penguins come out of the water to feed their babies every night, but they hop up on the island in many different spots. The tour guides therefore have set up a viewing platform near the boat dock, again to contain visitors. We watched about 35-40 penguins total, coming up in groups of about 5-7 each. They emerged out of the water and then began hopping slowly up the rocks, trying to avoid seagulls that would peck on them to get them to regurgitate their fish. Those poor penguins! They can't seem to get a break!

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