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The bridge linking the islands of Macau

Helen in the "Centro" of Macau

One of the main streets of Macau

Check out the Bamboo scaffold

Gareth on the way to the Skytower in Macau

Gareth next to one of the traditional Portuguese street signs

Macau Skytower

Sod that!

Macau from the air (Skytower anyway!!)

"Over the Border" - Chinese Mainland city of Zhuhai

Ummm. Cool eh?

Looking down on Macau

Helen (shitting herself)!!

Another of the bridges linking Macau

Looking down through the glass floor

Looking out to the east - Hong Kong is out there somwwhere!!

Inside the Skytower

Down on the ground - Helen at the shore as the sun...

The Skytower, with someone doing a Skyjump!

Vegas of the East!

Hey hey!!!

Time is now running out for us... It's almost time to venture back to the UK. We figured that another integral part of the area has to be Macau. It one of the peninsulas coming off the Pearl River and has a peculiar Portuguese background - with heritage going back 500 years. What Britain did for Hong Kong, the Portuguese did for Macau, although perhaps to a more subtle extent. We were dying to get over there.

The journey to Macau is as exciting as the island itself, as you go by super-fast Jetfoil. Now these things shift. Inside the look and feel is of an aircraft and they even describe entering and leaving port as 'taxiing'.

Macau, like Hong Kong, is now a part of China, so is known as a 'Special Administrative Region', or SAR. Hong Kong has the same title too and this basically means that everytime you leave Hong Kong or Macau you have to produce your passport. This is great as we now have about two pages of entry and exit stamps to do with Hong Kong!

After Macau immigration we headed through the city (a fusion of east and west' and rumbled down to the brand new Skytower (which is a complete and total rip off of Auckland's skytower). From up above we could see Macau, its islands and also mainland China - the Special Economic Zone of Zhuhai.

I was suprised how big Macau was. It seems that they are trying to reclaim as much land as possible from the sea, thus allowing more space to build on. Like Gibralter, it's very much confined within a small space, surrounded by the sea.

In Macau we also managed to grab some $M currency too (always fun). Very odd. Probably the most random currency we've picked up so far (although some of the Cook Islands triangle coins come to mind).

We were really lucky because the weather was superb. I think that once you get away from Hong Kong / Shenzhen the smog generally clears! With blue skies and temps up in the 30s, we couldn't have had a better last day.

Back onto the Jetfoil, we slept off a hot and tiring day!!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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