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PEOPLE, THE DEBATE IS OVER. Today, during our bus ride to the ruin capital city, I SAW A BUFFALO. And trust me, we don't have these in the USA. I'm of course still partial to the American Bison, but it was still an exciting experience. 

Yesterday we saw the Bridge over the river Kwai. Nathan and I have both been reading the book, so this was one of the things we were most excited about. Being the proud Americans we are, we decided to cross while whistling the Colonel Bogey March made famous by the movie of the same name. Half way over, a little Thai fiddle man asked us, in incredible English I might add, where we were from. Being the proud Americans we are, we said "AMERICAAA!" He started playing the fiddle tune of it and "taught us the lyrics", such as "Hitler, has only got one ball. The other's in Royal Albert Hall..." WEWERE DYING. TRIP HIGHLIGHT. 

We then took a 2 hour train ride through the country side. Everyone on the train was all like "WOW, look at that beautiful scenery!" While us native Iowans were all like "WOW, look at those people harvesting that entire field of sugar cane BY HAND!!" But seriously, it was incredible. Mountains, field of crops I'm so unfamiliar with (tapioca, bananas, rice), their humble but beautiful homes, Thai people waving at us all the way. 

We stopped and ate at an outdoor restaurant on the River Kwai for lunch, then hopped on a bus to go to an Elephant camp. Our bus stopped on the way because there were wild monkeys on the side of the road!!! Nathan got out and fed one a banana. AHHH it was magical.

This country is seriously perfect. That evening, we bamboo river rafted on the River Kwai. You would expect the water to be dirty or dangerous or full of creatures, right? NOT AT ALL. We swam in the river and it was perfect. Sunset ahead, tropical plants lined the banks and perfect temperatures made that evening the most magical evening of my life. (maybe even surpassing Hilton magic. WHOA.) 

Our last activity of the day was elephant riding! Nathan rode straddling the neck while I rode in the back on a bench because duh, I'm the queen. 

NEW GAME: Our favorite things in English.  

Nathan-- Most convincing restaurant sign ever: "Food by chef" 

Mine-- T-shirt worn by Thai woman who spoke no English: "Deleting my feelings for you. ERROR. File too large!!"

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