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Sat. 13 Dec.2014 Weather:-2 Degrees/Snow

Seoul 17:25 Layover 2:10h Seoul 19:35 Flight Time to Brisbane 9:45h

As we descended into Seoul we could see that a lot of it was blanketed with snow with bands of it still laying on the sides of the runways. In the airport I have had to take my jumper of again as the inside temperature via the air-conditioning must be about 19 degrees. We only have 30 min to wait before boarding then we are on our last leg to HOME—I took a sleeping pill on the first leg courtesy of the Ship’s Doctor so “I remember notthing!!’” and Herman has been designated as my guide, hope it is not ‘the blind leading the blind. Cannot wait to get home to see everyone, especially that little ELKE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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