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Still Friday 12th December

Korean Airlines Flight KE982 Rome 22:25 Seoul Flight time 11h

It is still Friday and it is 4:30pm, We have just been informed by Korean Air that our flight is leaving half an hour later and we found out this morning that Rome is having another transport strike. We experienced one the last time that we were here and when I Googled up ‘Rome Transport Strike’ a few minutes ago lots of different dates came up so it must be one of these ‘Normale’ happenings around here. This is what I found out just now:-

A general strike is disrupting transport across Italy as rallies get under way in more than 50 cities, including the capital Rome.

Trade unions are protesting against the government's bid to reform labour laws.

They insist the current regulations are necessary to protect workers from being sacked by unscrupulous companies.

But Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says the planned reforms are essential for his government to lift Italy's economy out of years of stagnation.

He believes employment laws must be loosened to boost the labour market and has made the new legislation the centrepiece of his government's policies.

Thousands of union members took to the streets on Friday morning from Milan in the north to Palermo in the south

The general strike shut down basic services like local transport and ports across Italy and left many schools closed.

We have opted for a private transfer from our hotel to the airport in order to miss any of the confusion, at an extra cost of Euro20 it is worth not having to drag our cases over the cobble stones and find train platforms—we are really getting soft---see you on the other side...We Hope

Rome Airport—8:30pm

Our transfer to the airport was certainly done in style; we were picked up in a Mercedes limo and the driver knew all the short cuts. On the way we saw Rome in its night splendour and driving past the Colosseum I was able to get some shots as the car had come to a stop. I made a comment to the driver that everyone in Rome must know the length and width of their cars by the millimetre because I have seen them drive into spaces that leaves them about an inch of space on both sides of the car and yet I have not heard any impacts.

New Rule amongst certain passengers; re-pack all suitcases at the airport we are noticing this becoming a habit on this side of the world

As you can see we were first in line for the Check In (6pm for a 7pm start and 10:55 flight)—to the extent that when it finally opened one of the officials came up to us, asked us if we were going to Brisbane and if our name was Wynands---obviously we must have a reputation—but we are here now, only 1 ¾ hours till boarding

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