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Wobbly Boot Hotel at Boggabilla

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Miles to Moonie

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Moonie to Yetman

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Yetman Caravan Park

Hello everyone,

Well the portable hard drive with all my movies on it, is cactus. Not even 18 months old. all that time I spent copying my movie collection wasted.

I have uploaded a photo of the Wobbly Boot Hotel at Boggabilla. Stan Coster (Australian country music singer) wrote a terrific song about this pub. You can see/listen at

Also, as you know I left Harrolldine to go to Roma in order to get the air con fixed, well electrician came to install the new parts but when he was removing one of the old ones it caused a small pin-sized hole to appear in one of the refrigerant pipes. Not being a refrigeration mechanic he could not fix it and no-one in Roma could fix it either, so I will have to wait until I get to a bigger place, I guess, to see if I can get the hole fixed and the thing regassed. Bugger. So I am not going back to Harroldine, instead I am heading south then east.

Today I came through Goondiwindi, Miles and Moonie and have stopped at Yetman, a tiny town in NSW with a tiny caravan park providing powered, watered sites, toilets, showers and washing machine, all for $10 a night so I am staying here for at least two nights.

I also registered with Aussie House Sitters and applied to mind a house for 3 weeks starting on 16th December at Meerschum Vale (which is west of Ballina). Haven't heard back from the owner they may already have found someone but I will keep looking for houses to sit as I can stop travelling for weeks at a time thereby saving a lot of money and being able to explore the area in which I have stopped.

Big storm happening here at the moment looks like it has set in for a while.

And I lost my sunnies again, I think for good this time, just as well I have two others.

That's all for now.

love to all


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