Winter West travel blog

Oh Oh, there's snow on them there hills... and we're only on...

American Coots all around the putting green

Monday's game, Michelle teeing off, boy needs some work!

The start of the hike, nice path and railings didn't last very...

It was a beautiful, sunny day for a hike

Mastodon Mine in Joshua Tree Park

Relics of the mine

Way up on the peak, you can see some of the gang...

Native corn grinder

Mistletoe bush, couldn't pick it to hang in the RV

Mike teeing off on the 15th hole, a tough par 3

18th hole, Ivey Ranch Country Club, the mallards and egret just left

Santa lives in the RV park

This week has been a few games of golf (the par 3 Municipal & Ivey Ranch CC) and another hike. This hike took us into Joshua Tree National Park. It was another few hours of amazing sights, even an old mine and native artifacts and relics. Found out the Catclaw Acacia bush has Mistletoe bushes growing in it as a parasite. The birds (Phainopeplas among others) eat the berries and then the seeds stick to the Catclaw and starts to grow. Unfortunately the bushes didn't have many leaves left to hang in the RV, only the berries.

As Christmas closes in... everyone in the RV park has begun to decorate. Our bus has lights around the front window with a small lit tree inside on the massive front dash, and we have a few select decorations (which Michelle pulled out before packing up the house), hung inside from the ceiling throughout the RV. Some other RV's have lots of lights strung, but it would seem that most have brought along their favourite memories to carry them through the holiday season while they are away from home. As an aside, Michelle got a Tee shirt just after we hit the road, 'Home is where you Park it' ... and yes that's true, but home is also where all your friends and family are. So as we get closer to Christmas and as we splash and play in the pools and tubs here down south, we will be thinking of you all back home.

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