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Mon. 8 Dec. 2014 Rome Weather:-12 Degrees/Sunny

We will call today a non-event as most of it was taken up by waiting for our train (Departed 12:50pm) and travelling on it to Rome (Arrival 6:25pm). We passed some nice scenery including snow topped mountains but as the windows of our train were almost impregnable with a camera lens those views will have to stay in our memories. We also had some nice little conversations with the passing parade of fellow train riders who occupied the seats around us on various stages of our journey. Finally when we reached Rome these two lazy people caught a taxi to our hotel, The Caravaggio, went out for a ‘little’ evening meal then crashed into bed...Amen. The ‘little’ meal was had at small restaurant just around the corner of our hotel and was recommended by them, Herman and I just needed a small portion of something so that we would not starve to death during the night so we both ordered a first course of ‘rigatoni alla carbonara’ (pasta with speck, egg and cheese)---what came out were two large European soup plates lined by a very thin waffle (made out of semolina?), very tasty, filled with a very large portion of rigatoni flavoured with chunks of tasty speck etc—there was enough food to fully feed a family of 6 hungry people---we were in bed by 8pm and so ended another day.

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