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Sat. 6 Dec.r2014 Weather:- 19Degrees/Sunny

Messina, Sicily 8:00 18:00h 10 h

Another bad night for me resulted in the decision to ABANDON SHIP I again had not one wink of sleep all night my coughing had come back with a vengeance. I had checked out on the Internet that you can catch a train from ‘Messina Centrale’ Station straight to ‘Roma Termini’ (yes, I know there is some ocean in between the two). In order to break our journey due to medical reasons I had to see the Dr. first. I think the lady Dr. was about to put her arms around me when she saw the state I was in but she assured me that with some more antibiotics (she had been under the impression that I had enough antibiotics with me) and some sleeping tablets, I would come good “but first a walk ashore will help your lungs” so a walk around again showed me how nice Messina is, again in another life I would have liked to come back but I also know that Herman and I are the two luckiest ducks to have seen as much of the world as we have and it is now up to the next generations to go exploring. By the way the Doctor on board has been marvellous, we hear horrendous stories about the price of on board Dr’s services but in this case they have only charged Herman and I one consultation fee between us and medication costs have been next to nothing. So after my little escapade back to our cabin I went, I left Messina for Herman to explore, I took some sleeping tablets and my day was over---See you in Rome on the 8th December.

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