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The view out the front window, palm trees and mountains

Went shopping at DSW, 3 pairs of runners, a purse and a...

Getting ready to start the hike

On the hike

More of the hike

Climbing big boulders

The way we came

Mountain goats, way up top

On the way back and he's still smiling!

The end of the hike, finally!

Lets see, it hasn't really been a week since we last posted, but we have been parked here in Palm Springs area now for a week... without rolling down the highway, things seemed to have really settled down for us. This resort is in the middle of the city so it's easy for us to ride our bikes to shop and things, and everyone has offered us rides if we need them.

This week was still part of our decompression efforts and I think we now are at the same speed as all the other old farts here. I'm ready to go out and buy a golf cart just so I can ride around and not have to walk the 100 steps to the pool. The weather in this part of the country is truly amazing. Every day starts the same... sun cresting over the eastern mountains and then it's a day of clear blue skies... followed by an amazing sunset.

Just so you don't get the wrong idea, there are lots of things wrong here as well...

- sun sets at 4:30, it's dark by 5pm - that makes for 6 hours of evening time to sit, watch tv and have a couple of naps before bed....

- 36 cans of beer cost $22

- the weather is the same day after day... sunny and warm/hot (not complaining!!!)

- people are so old here that the pool areas are almost deserted all day

- you know the place is different when the main streets of the city have golf cart lanes.

- give me more time, and I will come up with other things wrong with this place for you.

At the weekend morning coffee and donut gathering, announcements told us about a number of different activities upcoming... one of which was a hike into the hills. So this place is filled with old people, how tough could a little hike be? We signed up, met at the designated spot at 7:30am on the designated day and we carpooled to the edge of town. 10 OLD people, how tough could this be? We began our walk, and our guide told us today's effort was in search of an oasis at the end of Bear Creek Canyon. Short story, we got lost in the foothills. Or should I say, we made a wrong turn and never did find the oasis... instead we climbed boulders, followed gravel wash after wash, more boulders... dead end. Apparently if we had been on the correct trail, we would have had some awesome views... well, now we know and perhaps we will do this hike again with a map and a guide who has found the oasis before. It was a great hike still, amazing scenery, and we saw mountain goats, way up at the top of the hills, and they wandered away as we came along, but still saw them.

Went shopping at DSW as we both needed runners.... Michelle got 2 pairs, a purse and a wallet, Mike only got one pair.

Today we've arranged to have the RV polished and waxed. Got a good deal from one of the many service guys who frequent the resort. Rudy was supposed to be here 8am sharp to being... well it was 9:30 before they showed up ...but they did a pretty good job and Mike isn't having quite so much RV envy. The RV looks much newer when shiny and not so oxidized! Oh, and we did play volleyball again. Mike is starting to get the idea of passing before hitting the ball back over the net!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the resort is having a dinner, each diner brings something for 16 people. Got a turkey for 57 cents a pound! And the resort will give you back $10, so I get it for free, just have to cook it, and I'll use their kitchen. Should be good!

Friday is golf and we're carpooling with the local San Francisco 49ers fan! And dinner is leftovers for anyone who brought food for Thanksgiving, more good food, yippee!

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