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Cooktown - Camp setup on Graeme's property

Cooktown Boys at Botanical Gardens

Cooktown - boys getting a history lesson

James Cook Statue - Cooktown foreshore

Cooktown monument marking landing spot of the Endeavour

Cooktown foreshore

Cooktown - monuments around town

Cooktown - James Cook Museum

Cooktown Museum - Endeavour's Anchor

James Cook Museum

Cooktown Museum - boys with camera

Cooktown Museum - Chinese Room

Simon and Graeme

Cooktown Museum - pipes like Charles Ingles smoked

Cooktown Museum - shaving blades like Charles gave to Albert in Little...

Reading about the recovery of some of the Endeavours cannons thrown overboard

Cooktown Museum - Boys mucking around

Doing puzzles at the Museum

My snuggler boy

Cooktown Museum - Endeavour replica

Leaving the James Cook Museum

Cooktown Characters - John Tritton, Graeme and Simon

Getting ready to take the boat out

Cooktown setting off down the Endeavour River

I could get used to this!

Looking back to Cooktown

Looking back towards Cooktown as we head further into the Endeavour River

Cruising snuggler

Daniel driving the boat

Endeavour River - Joel's turn to drive the boat

Endeavor River Cruise - boys at front of boat

Cooktown - Croc Spotting

Croc Spotting - we were thrilled to see him!

We got too close to the shore and he was gone...

Looking across to the other side of the river

Cooktown - coming back as tide is going out

Gorgeous Green Frog at Graeme's


Cooktown - Old lighthouse

If there's a rock I will climb it!

And I will too!!

Take another shot Mum!

Looking down from the Lighthouse at sunset

Cooktown - looking down towards the town

Simon and Graeme - Endeavour River at sunset

Cooktown Characters - John - I can smoke a durry and handle...

I can hold a snake at 7am after just waking up!

I can smile while doing it too!

Cooktown - Snake handling

Do you like my snake hairdo?

Mum will also hold a snake at 7am - do I have...

We had such a great time in Cooktown staying at Graeme's place and seeing all the local sights. If you ever come to Cooktown make sure you visit the James Cook Museum - it was excellent!!

We certainly met some Cooktown Characters - Graeme of course being one!! He loves to have a chat and was the perfect host. He is replacing his engine head in his 60's Land cruiser but was very keen to take us down the Endeavour River for some fishing and Croc spotting. He bought his boat new 30 years ago and has never towed it with another car so it was great when he suggested we tow it down to the river for a day out. We all really enjoyed ourselves and on the way back we spotted a Croc on the shore which topped off a perfect day!

Graeme has known his friend John for many years since he first moved to Cooktown nearly 30 years ago. John is literally a "Jack of all trades" - he is a great friend to Graeme, always checking up on him and mysteriously stocking his fridge with goodies while he is out! He also fixed our car when we had some issues with the fuel pump - no doubt saving us a lot of $. Some of his jobs (and there are many) are - working for the local undertaker doing body recovery jobs and digging graves, spearfishing and then swapping fish for whole pigs - he has a number of these barter jobs going! He is also the local snake catcher and on our last morning brought over an Olive Python for us to see and hold (except for Simon who is not too keen on holding snakes....) and he also is a builders labourer. Oh - and Graeme had several chooks, 4 of which turned out to be Roosters that would start crowing at 3am driving Graeme crazy, so one morning we were there, he came over to cut their heads off. I of course was not keen to witness this, but little boys sure did get an education!!

We went to the Botanical Gardens where another of Graeme's friends runs the information centre. We got chatting to John (who was a past bushy/ringer and a real character) only to find out that he is the son of Fred Tritton - the former mayor of Richmond and long ago friend of Simon's Dad. Talk about a small world! We ended up staying another day when we discovered this, so that we could catch up over a bbq. John had us in stitches with his stories and really gave Graeme a run for his money!!

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