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Hello all,

Left Ipswich at about 8.30 but before doing so put together a chicken casserole in the thermal cooker so I won't have to cook tonight.

Managed to back into a speed sign at the caravan park as I was trying to extricate myself from the "drive thru" site I was on. Nothing drive thru about it, I had to back out and forgot to look at the rear vision camera (right in front of me), thereby taking out the sign which got a little bent. No damage to the van though. So I expect I won't do that again. I have been trying to contact the park manager, whom I could not find when I was leaving, to pay for the damage but she hasn't called me back so maybe she doesn't care, or maybe it happens all the time.

Arrived in Maryvale at about 10.30, which gave me just enough time to set up the van and change clothes before having lunch at the Crown Hotel. The menu is pretty good, I asked what sort of fish it was and was told 'flathead'. What? I said, yuk, we use that for bait in Cairns! So I ordered rissoles and gravy but they didn't have any mince, so I finally went for chicken schnitzel which came with a huge salad and chips and was delicious.

I met a middle-aged couple in the bar who were from Warwick where they own a 80-acre property and are looking at selling it and buying in Maryvale. I managed to knock my champagne glass over, spilling it all over him - and I hadn't even had a drink yet.

I will stay here tomorrow night too then on Tuesday go to Warwick. Haven't been there since I was about 18 when I went on a working holiday with a girlfriend in the sixties. Don't remember anything about it though.

TV reception is not too good here, so I set up the satellite dish but, in spite of a totally clear view of the sky I just could not find the Optus C1 satellite. Very strange indeed. Anyway ordinary tv reception improved dramatically for no apparent reason at about 5pm then disappeared again at about 11pm, again for no apparent reason. But I was able to see Dr. Who so all is right with the world.

The chicken casserole was, as usual, fabulous and will do for three or four more meals this week, although I might freeze some.

love to all

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