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Ay? This lot turn up everywhere! Must be Marks & Sparks!

Late night downtown Hong Kong

Live up hill? Take the escalator! Paul Hill needs one of these!

Back street Hong Kong

Helen deep in all the chaos

And when you get to the end?

Metropolis... check out the neon on the Bank of China

But she already knew that...

2ifc - Definately the coolest building in HK

Hong Kong at night

Helen on the Hong Kong tram system

Helen in Kowloon

Gareth - as the sun sets over Hong Kong Island

Gareth infront of the Hong Kong Convention Centre (well... on the other...

Hong Kong skyline

I know it's a cliche...you've seen it before... HK at night!

Helen shows off in Hong Kong

Bruce Lee's "star" on the Walk of Fame in Kowloon

Gareth finds Jackie Chan's stone! Rush Hour moment. Yee haa.

Hong Kong at night from Kowloon

Night-time - Hong Kong

Ahhh I see.

Hey folks...

Although there are still some pains in Gareth's stomach from whatever the hell hit him this week, we've decided to get out, get some 'fresh' air and see the town a bit more.

Yesterday we went over to the mainland to Kowloon, an area that used to house the City's main airport (You must have seen the images of Jumbo Jets coming in real low). These days Kowloon seems to be very tourist focussed, a la Bangkok style, although not as busy. They had all the usual hawkers and touts out on the street and the usual chaos on the pavement ensued, but without Skytrain above, it didn't feel as chlostrophobic. Kowloon is certainly bigger than Hong Kong city, although it seems to be more logical, with a basic traffic light and cross roads kind of thing going on.

Quite a funny moment was when we bought an Olympus camera battery, and the salesman just whipped one out of a full camera kit for sale. Some poor bugger is going to have a battery-less camera... but that wasn't our problem!

We managed to get down to the pier "walk of the stars" in time for the sun to go down and for us to see some fantastic neon lights on the other side of the bay. Hong Kong lit up at night is of course, fantastic, and the view from Kowloon is great. The Walk of the Stars is great too (in a Hollywood kind of style... but not quite!), Gareth trundled off to find the star of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and succeeded! Check the pics...

From there it was back to the hotel... we've got a busy week ahead!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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