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Pleasant little van park

dancing brolgas in the van park

didn't seem to be afraid at all

Lark Quarry conservation park - the dinosaur stampede

are these ancient volcano plugs?

terrific view from rear verandah of dinosaur stampede building

footprint of therapod dinosaur (predator)

footprints of the prey running away

outside the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

the Winton area is very flat

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday: the road from Hughenden to Winton is incredibly undulating. If you're prone to motion sickness you'd almost certainly get it on that road. So I'm going along, bobbing up and down, up and down and suddenly remembered that i had filled with water the large plastic tumbler with screw lid and straw (that Cheryl gave me) in order to put it into the car for use while travelling. And had left it in the van. OMG it will have fallen on the floor and broken and water will be everywhere, or worse, it will have fallen on the cooktop and leaked all over the drawers below. Arrrrgghhh! So I stopped and pulled over, went into the van, and lo and behold, it was still there on the bench!! And not even on a non-slip mat!! Amazing!

So arrived at Winton I think about 14:30 and found this little caravan park. I will not normally stay in caravan parks because I really can't afford it, but as I was going to the Lark Quarry Conservation Park and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum that are both at the end of miles of gravel road, I needed to leave the van somewhere safe like a van park rather than in a rest area where you don't know who could be there. It was 33.1 degrees in the van at 15:00 but the humidity is only 17% so it's not like Cairns in 33 degrees. Nevertheless I turned on the air conditioning at about 16:00 (if you don't use it, you lose it and anyway electricity is included in the $30/night fee) and had a good night's sleep.

This morning I made a cup of tea and exited the van with Baby Girl and, lo and behold! there were Brolgas dancing in the caravan park! Several people were making their way to/from the ablutions block and all stopped to watch the birds. The birds wandered around for a while, danced a bit more, then left!! Wonderful!!

This morning I went to the Lark Quarry Conservation Park which is at the end of 110 kilometres of mostly gravel road and where there is a large building covering a large expanse of 95 million-year-old mudflat where 3000 dinosaur footprints can be seen. One set belongs to a very big theropod predator chasing the other dinosaurs which created a stampede and the whole thing has been preserved by subsequent layers of sediment. The footprints were first discovered in 1972 but it wasn't until 2002 that steps were taken to permanently preserve it, albeit after a lot of damage had been done by the elements, animals and people. It is a terrific thing to see.

After that I went to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, which is at the end of 11 kilometres of gravel road (see a pattern developing here??) and where they prepare the fossils found in the Winton area. Very interesting and you get to touch something that is 95 MILLION YEARS OLD!!!

So it's now 17:30 which is tiffin time, and there is just enough gin for one gin-and-bitter-lemon. tomorrow we are off to Longreach, lots to see there!

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