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Pleisiosaur fossil at Kronosaurus Korner, Richmond

Pliosaur fossils

Kronosaurus guarding the museum

diesel cheaper than ULP - WTF!!!

man-made nullabor plain

Baby Girl back-seat driving from the console

caravan has been blooded

caravan has been blooded

All the trees are dead

Well, quite an eventful day, today. Didn't get to look at the leak this morning for one reason or another. But it's ok if I don't leave the water pump turned on. I just turn it on when I need some water, then turn it off. So I'll look at it in a couple of days' time.

Took off for Richmond at about 7.30am and arrived about 10am. I visited the Kronosaurus Korner information centre and went through the fantastic museum they havs full of fossils found in the Hughenden-Richmond-Winton area. I just love dinosaur stuff (have watched the Jurassic Park movies many times and never tire of them!) but have uploaded only three photos so you don't get bored.

I was going to visit the fossil hunting sites the have so decided to stay overnight and got a permit to stay in the "RV-friendly parking area". I meant to mention before the bloody wind that blows a gale in Hughenden and Richmnond all day, which can get really annoying but it's probably just as well it's there otherwise it would be unbearably hot. Anyway I found the parking area - what a dump! Even worse than Fletcher's Creek! Brown, dry, dusty, 30klm an hour wind. Big sign on the gate 'RV-friendly parking area". Went through the gate and as the van went through the wind gusted to what felt like 200k and I heard "bang", looked in the rear-vision mirror to see the gate bash the side of the van. The wind had grabbed the bloody great sign on the gate and pushed it. Grrrrr!! See photos.

Oh well, c'est la vie. I mentioned the incident to the girl at the information centre and suggested that the sign should be on the fence, not the gate, but I guess the men are in charge there so nothing will change. Wonder how many times that has happened. As long as no water or dust can get in it's not such a big deal.

Anyway, I decided that I wasn't going to stay in that awful carpark overnight so left for Winton where I arrived at about 15:15. On the road today I saw a lone emu, lots of dead kangaroos and wallabies on the road. Also there are miles and miles and miles of land where there is not a tree in sight, just awful. And where there are trees, they are all dead, and they wonder why the land is in the clutches of a drought. W

When I got to Winton, DIESEL IS CHEAPER THAN ULP and there's photo to prove it!

Don't know if you all know that if you click on a photo, you can see it in a larger size and then see a slideshow of all the rest.

Tomorrow I'm off to Lark Quarry where there is evidence of a dinosaur stampede.

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