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Nice drive-through site in the caravan park

plenty of shade

something bent my stoneguard!!!

Baby Girl checking out the new site

Checked into a caravan park in Charters Towers. I was looking for an RV campground shown in the Camps 6 book but couldn't find it. I put the coordinates into the GPS thingy and it told me to turn right off the highway onto a narrow unsealed road. Hmmm, not sure about that and didn't want to get into a situation where I couldn't turn around. I should have looked at it on Google Earth because for the first time in two days I actually had a phone/internet signal but forgot about that, so I came out and pulled into the first caravan park I saw. I needed to refill the water tanks anyway. I'm not going to hook up to running water unless I have to as I have to be careful about these perished hoses and can't subject them to too much water pressure. If one of them gives way inside a wall or something I'll be in trouble big time.

Baby Girl is doing REALLY well! Eating like a horse and wants to go outside all the time! We do go outside a couple of times a day, and she's very interested in the surroundings.

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