van Bokhoven Europe 2014 travel blog

Packed and ready to go home

Early wake up for all of us, as we had to catch a metro, train and then check in for our flights back to Sydney. As always has happened during our trip, all went very smoothly and we left the apartment behind clean with only a few items left in the fridge.

Metro and train trips were quite easy even though it was a challenge again to find seats with all the luggage we were carrying with us. The good thing about the trains in Europe is that they have a strong luggage carry area hove the seats where even our heavy suitcases could be stored without problems.

Catch up on reading and reflecting in the train and then a smooth trip home in the planks to Hong Kong and then Sydney. Plane arrived approx. 30 minutes late at Sydney Airport around 9.30pm, but immigration and luggage pick up went very smoothly in our case and as we had nothing to declare we also skipped the quarantine section to be at the meeting point with our Shuttle Bus at 10pm.

Due to bad weather and wild storms in Sydney that afternoon, some flights had been impacted and their pick up schedule shuffled around. Therefore he arrived a bit late and had to drop another passenger off in North Ryde before dropping us in our Cromer Heights suburb...Home after an unforgettable family trip which will be in our memories for the rest of our lives.

Hope you have enjoyed this travel journal as much as we had preparing it and undoubtedly we will refer back to some of the words and pictures in years to come when we reflect on our '2014 Europe trip'!!

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