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After yesterday's visit of San Giovanni, we had seen some market stands in the distance which would be there again today. As it was the last chance to do shopping for our family, we headed off there first and the boys had some very successful shopping while Alicen went to the church with the steps and crawled up on her knees.

The boys bought another iPhone charger and a number of soccer jerseys (Luke) and other clothes. After this we all went to the area near the Spanish steps to look for a painting in our home in Sydney and some souvenir shopping for Frank's work colleagues.

One of his colleagues had made a comment on one of his photos about 'taking pressies back to Sydney', so he felt obliged to not let her/them down. Toothpulling exercise, but finally he managed to buy approx. 30 small souvenirs.

Lunch in a restaurant near the Spanish Steps after which we went to watch a 3D movie near Piazza Venezia. The movie about the history of Rome was not too bad, but we wondered if it was worth the 88 euro's we paid for 3 monies lasting in total just more than 1 hour.

We then went home to start our packing and decided to have a local dinner in the Bombay Indian restaurant. Very nice and fitting end to our stay in Italy.

All packed up we then went to bed as we had to tidy everything up and be out of the apartment by 8am the following day to get our train etc. back to Rome International Airport.

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