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Spanish steps

Luke and Tom chillin

Tom & Luke

Inside the Vatican museums

More Vatican

Le Peita

Swiss guard

Another very busy day. We started off by visiting the Capuchin Catacombs museum (incl. 6 rooms filled and decorated with bones of dead priests) and then the Spanish steps.

Tom and Luke were happy for Alicen and Frank to do the walking and 'sight' seeing there, while they are "chill in".

At 2pm we had booked a trip to and through the Vatican incl. visit of the museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilican and of course St. Peter's square which we all know from the Pope's addresses to the crowds. Another few "punch us in the arm" moments as a once in a lifetime experience to admire the architecturel and artworks made by the likes of Michelangelo, Rafael and others. The Sistine Chapel of course was the highlight and the run-through of the various paintings given to us by the guide was extremely helpful in understanding and admiring the life pieces during this visit.

Some of the painters spent more than 7 years working there day in day out to complete their works.

Long queues of people during these tours and definitely happy to have a guide with us helping to 'skip' the lines and listen to the significance of the various buildings.

We had a quick dinner in he way back to the metro.

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