When we lived in the Northeast, Labor Day weekend was always the end of summer. Of course there were a couple of hot days after that, but for the most part the weather immediately started to cool down. Living in Florida we learned that that was not necessarily the case, but let me tell you – Florida has nothing on September weather in Palm Springs. I would say the average high while we were there (9/16-9/30) was 105 degrees. And you can say all you want about it being dry heat – it really doesn’t matter. With all the irrigation they do in that area now, it isn’t even all that dry any more. Much as we both love the warm weather, the pool was a very welcome respite from the heat any time of the day or night.

The day we got there we went over to Costco to stock up on some food supplies, especially meat. We did not have much in the freezer as we had not been cooking all summer, and have always liked their quality. When we get it home I break it down into meal size portions and put it in the freezer in small quantities so as not to overtax the freezer. But this time even having it in the refrigerator seemed to be too much and the temperature in the refrigerator started to climb. We did some research in our multiple books on the workings of the motorhome and they recommended putting a fan to blow on the cooling fins, but the manufacturer swore this should not happen as there are fans mounted behind the refrigerator. We could not hear them, and moving the refrigerator out is a major project. So we purchased a room fan and strapped it on and it did the job in spite of the over 100 degree heat every day. So far so good.

Now for the real reason we were in the Palm Springs area in the summer. We really know better, but the doctor had determined that the swelling was gone in Buzz’s eye and that he could have the cataract caused by the heavy doses of prednisone removed whenever he was ready. Guess what? HE WAS READY! So they did the measuring one week and then the surgery the following week. He now has 20/25 distance vision in that eye – better than he’s had since a teenager. There is a little blurriness which may disappear after the eye has time to recover from the trauma, and the vision may improve to 20/20. He will have to wear cheaters for reading as the astigmatism in that eye is too strong to allow for the lens implant that would have meant no glasses at all. But the surgery went off without a hitch and the retina doctor checked him a few days later and found no signs of additional swelling caused by the surgery. So we are now ready to head out and do some sightseeing before heading down to El Centro for the winter. Buzz will have to continue seeing the retina specialist every month or two to monitor the condition of both eyes and to ensure that the virus is not returning, but for now all looks good.

We didn’t do a lot while we were there, as the weather makes it pretty uncomfortable. We drove over to Julian which is the apple capital of that area of California, but the severe draught they are having has done a real job on the apples and there was no cider and very few apples to be found. There were sure a lot of people there looking for them though. We did get a chance to drive over to Rancho Cucamonga which is where we lived for about a year and a half before Buzz retired, and met Mary Thomas – a great friend that we have been able to stay in touch with since we left Glendale in 1996.

The weekend before we were getting ready to leave we figured we had better try the refrigerator without the fan, as the temperature had cooled off to the mid 90’s during the day. Unfortunately the decrease in temperature outside and removing the fan only caused the increase in temperature inside the refrigerator. So after another call to the manufacturer it seems like either the fans or the control for the fans is shot and needs to be replaced. Rather than try to find someone here we are heading out to Quartzsite, AZ which is known for its RV service and parts and only about 125 miles from here. Hopefully that will solve that problem and we can then be on our way. We’ll keep you informed

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