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Well we arrived to Zia Tina's place, located in Nettuno, on the coast approx. 25 km's from Rome. Apparently all the Romans go there for their holidays, if you could imagine our version of Rosebud. The only difference is the port has multi-million yatchs, amazing to see. The first day at Zia Tina's was fine but she is the "ultimate in ball breaker", she is known as the matriach in the De Florio family. What she says goes, so the first day wasn't to bad but as the days went on, it became an absolute nightmare!!! It was literally a nightmare, things are so tight at her house that she doesn't even flush the toilet to save water. Well you could imagine Michele living in those conditions. After the third day we said that we had to leave to visit Michele's zio. So we hoped on board a train and off we went to Avezzano, approximately 3 hours later we have arrived to Zio Vittorio's place. They have two children, Nicola aged 29 and Marina aged 33, so they have taken us everywhere, and we have gotten on like a house on fire. Their house consists of two levels. The bottom floor is completely reserved for Michele and I, complete with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, so we are now in an completely different environment to Zia Tina's place.

We've decided on Tuesday Michele and I, Nicola and his girlfriend will be taking a road trip to the Almafi Coast for three to four days, so we're really looking forward to this.

The hospitality here has been wonderful and Michele and I could definintely get use to the lifestyle in Italy. They have compeletely different priorities in life, very much into the "Dolce Vita" lifestyle.

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