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Richmond Camp overlooking Lake Fred Tritton

Richmond - loving the space of the non powered site!

Big boy relaxing at camp

Charlie and his mate Murphy

Charlie ignoring his mate - my bone is more important!

Richmond - Kronosaurus Corner Jaws!

Richmond - learning about Dinosaurs

Richmond - Kronosaurus Corner

Richmond - almost full fossill remains of a Pliosaur

Richmond Full Moon over the lake

Richmond - Lego Master

Richmond - Lego!!!!

After staying a night in Pentland, we headed west through Hughenden to Richmond to start our Dinosaur experience. We had a long, hot and dusty day. The “new” second hand car needs the air conditioning fixed which we will get done in either Cairns or back in Brissy. We try not to travel more than about 250km in any single day as we want the boys to enjoy the trip. We have decided not to head any further west and head to the tropics after Richmond, Winton and Hughenden.

We stayed in Richmond for 5 nights and loved it! We stayed at the caravan park overlooking the man-made lake – Lake Fred Tritton. What an asset to this small town! Simon’s Dad Pete, worked around Richmond as a ringer in his late teens and twenties and knew Fred Tritton who became the Mayor of Richmond and was instrumental in getting the funding for the lake. The lake is stocked with Barramundi along with other types of fish so Simon and Joel tried their luck at fishing...but no success...The non powered sites had the best position overlooking the lake while all the caravans were packed behind with no view. There was a path around the lake – so we enjoyed a walk each day and the boys tested their strength on the exercise equipment. Charlie loved to amble down the hill from our camp and have several dips in the lake each day!

It was quite hot in Richmond (up to 36), so we went to the public pool across the road each afternoon, spent time in the library and did our homeschooling in the shady parks in town. We went to the Dinosaur museum – Kronosaurus Korner a few times and they gave us the literature and tests provided to visiting school groups. We met a lady staying at the caravan park that was volunteering at the museum and working on the fossils, so she gave us a background tour and showed us how they worked on extracting the fossils from the surrounding sand and rock. We also tried our hand at fossil fossicking just outside of town and have a few bones and shells to show for our effort.

Charlie made a new mate, Murphy. He was the caravan park manager’s dog – a HUGE boy – Wolfe hound crossed with Bull Mastiff. He was allowed to roam around and came visiting several times a day. The owners loved it because Charlie and Murphy would race around and wrestle getting some exercise! They said it was not very often that a dog of a decent size would visit the park for Murphy to play with – they are usually the little fluff balls!

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