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What out for that Hodag, Alice Faye!

Big Wheels at the Logging Museum

Old logging train

Courthouse in Rhinelander, WI

Stained glass in courthouse rotunda

Logging skids used in snow and ice

Donald uses and old grind stone to sharpen his knife

August 1 - What's a HODAG? We found out when we arrived in Rhinelander. It seemed like the whole town had adopted this creature as a special mascot. It had something to do with an old story that originated in early logging camps about the strange looking creature that someone had supposedly seen. Really weird.

When we left Hayward I had set our GPS to the campground address in Rhinelander, so when we entered town we were led down a street toward a 12' underpass. Luckily we saw the sign less than a block from it and were able to turn off onto a side street. The GPS immediately squawked, "off route" but led us around to another street and finally to the campground. We stayed two nights at Bay West Coast to Coast resort.

Alice Faye used the laundry room to wash since our washer continues to leak in the motorhome.

August 2 - Picked up our forwarded mail today. Then toured the Pioneer Logging Museum in town. Interesting history of the logging industry in the area with many displays of the equipment used in the early days.

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