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It was the last day in KL, things had to be done. I caught up on supplies like a new camera and clothes at the massive KL centre mall. Very similar to Singapore with its city centre having a marvelous park with surrounding mega malls, aquariums, and skyscrapers. We attempted to go up the Petronas Twin Towers but they were sold out and a ripoff anyways. Instead, strolled the city centre and went up the neighbouring KL TV tower which is upon and hill and actually taller than the Petronas towers this way (and CN tower). From here you could see the sprawl of KL, which was still limited to see because of the smog. You could see the interweaving of the sky train and the highways in between the skyscrapers and religious buildings. Even with no firm grid to its city plan, KL is still ok to navigate despite its random layout. After the long walk back home, had a great BBQ dinner with the guys before immediately leaving to the airport. Wish I could've stayed longer with such a good group of people but the flights didn't work out that way. Still had a fantastic 2 days in KL, and I think there's more to do here than most people give credit for. Time for the home stretch of the journey!

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