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The talk of the hostel today was of the news 2 UK tourists killed on Koh Tao. Pretty scary considering many of us were just there says before the incident. Just knowing the small size of Sairee beach made it an unnerving news story. Since I only had a short time in KL I joined a hostel bus trip with some of the guys from the precious night. Kinda miss organized tours like that. Had an uproariously funny time jumping to all the sights around KL that would have been difficult alone. We saw the gigantic national palace (looks a lot like Schoennburg in Vienna), the Batu Caves which are big limestone caves with temples and monkeys inside. Also visited little India and the national Mosque. Really interesting being in my first majority Muslim country. There's so much religious tolerance it's remarkable. There is a noticeable difference In the number of people wearing headscarfs and the number of mosques but temples are respected and maintained just the same. Also been cool to see the English architecture melded with the high tech skyline and aforementioned religious structures. A true cultural mosaic, and a very successful one. It's easy for many westerners to imagine Muslim countries more like Syria and Afghanistan. But we forget that between Indonesia and Malaysia alone, there are 65% of the world's Muslims. This with very little difficulty in these countries with extremism. We covered a lot of ground today, but man we were exhausted. We had the good idea of racing to every top of staircase we saw. At Batu caves that's 300 steps. And I have to mention although the urban setting was a great relief, the humidity and smog of KL is stifling. The city is virtually in a rainforest, so although the sun is not strong, it feels as hot as the Thai islands. Had some great Indian food to end off the day, and ONLY encounter my first ripoff in Malaysia, a very mild one with the food bill. Better than the last few weeks. All night a bunch of us played pool again and had beers on the stunning rooftop. Where else were we to go? The best place for after hours is a floor above us! Some of the Americans were being obnoxious, hilarious to watch all the other countries roll their eyes, just as Canadians do sometimes. A lot

to do tomorrow

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