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We got to Vancouver on the 13th, picked up my sister at the Ferry and hit the Jack Johnson concert on the 14th. Out in the middle of a big open blistering hot field in Burnaby (Deer Park). The concert was fantastic, just as good if not better then the one last year in Berkley.

Got to Comox early on the 15th. We've spent the last two weeks with the Ward family and Tyler's still around.. somewhere..

Spent a weekend camping with the family, went berry picking, taught my nephew how to ride a bike (failed miserably), and played board games that my team won by a landslide. My parents are still bringing the TV camping but got a bit smarter and now make sure they get the site right across from the bathrooms instead of a few sites down and having to drive to them. We loaded up the Minivan the week after and made a day trip to Tofino and Coombs and another day trip to Denman and Hornsby Island. Spent an afternoon out on Quadra Island to see where my sister works, went for lunch and she sweet talked a free Kayak trip for us (another mini-challange for Tyler and I to get through but we made it back to shore with minimal oar lashes). Had a dinner last night for our 'going away' and for my 30th birthday, I'm not sad to be 30 yet but I still think that I'll only be 26 outside of Canada - even when I do get the 'Something about Mary' leather tan.

I confirmed our flights this morning for Honolulu. We leave on Monday for Vancouver and bright Tuesday morning for Waikiki.


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