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The Grande Hotel in Llandudno

The Victorian Pier in Llandudno

View of Llandudno from the great Orme

View of Conwy from the great Orme

Ancient copper mine

The Queen of Hearts

Today we decided to finally go across the river to Llandudno by way of Deganwy. We had hoped to walk all the way there on the Seacoast trail but somewhere we made a wrong turn and walked through the centre of Deganwy. We did however make it to Llandudno. Llandudno is a resort town built on a sand spit in the Irish Sea in North Wales with a sandy beach and quite a lot of the English come here for their holidays. Their are quite a few hotels and guest houses but not a whole lot else. We walked out onto the Victorian Promenade (the Pier) which has become a place containing small shops selling cheap souvenirs at an exorbitant price and several arcades for the younger at heart. Also by the Promenade was the Grande Hotel which reminded us of the hotel in the movie the Grande Budapest Hotel. Wonder if it was filmed here?

After the Promenade we took a tram up to the top of the Grande Orme. the Grande Orme is a huge rock outcropping on the Irish Sea. From the top we walked around some paths created by sheep until we came to a spot where we we could get pictures of Llandudno on the North Coast and Conwy on the West coast. It was a pretty impressive site. We then walked down to the half way stop of the tram. At this point there is an ancient copper mine dating back to 2500 BC. This mine was discovered in the mid 90s when a parking lot was to be built on the site. Prior to the discovery of this mine the conventional theory was that the UK was isolated and did not have metal until the Iron Age and then that was imported from the eastern countries. The discovery of this mine changed that thinking as evidence shows the mine was being utilized some 4,000 years ago in the Bronze Age. Dorothy and I took a tour of what has been reclaimed, which is believed to represent only 5% of the mine. You had to be pretty small to work in there. Thank goodness they gave us hard hats or I would have had a severe headaches coming out of there.

Finally we walked back to Conwy, this time along the SeaCoast. This evening we went to the British Legion for a free folk music concert (open mike). We only stayed for half of it but it was pretty good. I especially liked the woman from Belgium playing a piece from Handel on her accordion.

All in all 22.2 Kim's of walking today.

Supper: Pasta

On tap: Birra (Italian beer).

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