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The fireplace in the hall in the house

The kitchen, Dave would love this!

Servants quarters at top of the house

The grand hall where guests were entertained

Telford suspension bridge built in the 1860s

Inner part of the castle taken from one of the turrets

The chapel tower

The Inukshuk built in 2014 by Dorothy

Today we walked a total 15.2 km. our goal was to walk the tour suggested by Rick Steeves in his book, tour the castle, find the golf course and walk across the river to different town. Leaving our B&B we were told by another visitor to visit Plas Mawr a medieval house in the centre of town, so we did. According to the audio tour the house is the oldest house in Wales still standing built in 1580 during the reign of Elizabeth 1st. It is the first Welsh house built within the walls of the castle and it was enormous, but you couldn't tell that from the street.. The CADW, a government organization in Wales dedicated to preserving Welsh heritage, purchased the building 15 years ago and spent millions restoring it to its original state. It was really quite interesting, as the original owners of the house, the Wynn family, had close ties to the Tudors, who ruled England at the time, so there is a lot of heraldic symbols in the house that indicate that. The owner was married twice, his first wife had 5 children when he married her and he and his second wife had 7 children. Incredible since he was in his 70s at the time. One of the interpreters in the museum has a theory that it was the much younger butler who slept between the masters bedroom and the master's wife's bedroom who fathered those children, but that does not show up in history.

After Plas Mawr we made our way over to Conway castle for a self guided walking tour. The castle cost Edward the 1st (Edward Longshanks) 15,000 pounds to build and was completed in only 4 years in the year 1264, complete with the wall around the town. Today that equates to 45 million pounds. This was one in a series of castles built by Edward to keep the Welsh under control, and it is, apparently, one of the finest examples of medieval castles still standing.

Once we finished the castle tour we made our way out towards the Irish Sea to find the Conway Golf Club, just so we could say we were there. The cost of 56 pounds plus 25 pounds for rentals put it out of reach of our budget. The course sits hard along the Irish Sea and is a true "Links" course and I am sure on a windy day it is quite nasty to play. Since we couldn't afford to golf, Dorothy built an Inukshuk.

Tomorrow we plan to make it to the town on the other side of the river.

Supper: roast pork loin with potatoes, carrots and crackling (essentially deep fried fat)

On tap: a bottle of the house Merlot.

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