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People dropping out of sky!

Molly wants to skydive




We are Marshall

Hillbilly Hotdogs

Guy has been here 3 times

Their dinning room

Walls to keep the river out

Fine Dinning

WV State Capitol

Lincoln made WV a state during Civil War

Governor's Mansion

River runs thru Charleston

Huntington, WV

Our stop here held quite a surprise. Getting to it put us thru an ndustrial park and right away I started whining that this didn't look good. soon as we passed over the railroad track and saw the park it was like WOW this is really neat. It was a small park and bordering us on one side was a train and the other side a grass air strip with the Ohio River just beyond the air strip. Dennis and I both like trains so hearing them at night was no problem.

Our RV spot was situated so that it looked directly out onto the airfield and guess what...there were numerous skydivers and they took off and dropped right in front of us. What a neat site. And yes, they tried to talk us into skydiving, but that was not going to happen.

This portion of our trip was our "eating out" adventure. When we checked in, we were told about 3 restaurants that were well worth the time to visit. We dined on the river, we dined in a hillbilly atmosphere, we dined at a spaghetti house, and finally we dined at a sports bar with the university crowd. They were all good and unique, but by far the best atmosphere was Hillbilly Hotdogs. The food was good but the atmosphere was unbelievable. I have never seen so much "junk" in one small area. Guy Fereira of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has been there 3 times. There is a video running inside showing his visits as well as on the late night shows. Really Neat!

Huntington is the home of Marshall University. In 1970 there was a plane crash that killed the entire football team plus coaches, supporters and crew. They were on their way home from a football game in the Carolina's.

This event inspired a movie starring Matthew McConaughy called "We Are Marshall."

We saw several 10 to 20 foot high walls along the river that are in place to keep out the Ohio River when the river gets very high. We were told that almost every year the river overflows it's banks and some years the walls are needed to keep back the water.

On Wednesday we drove to Charleston to view the West Virginia State Capitol. Since the legislature was in session, the parking was limited. Dennis got to walk around the capitol while Molly and I waited in the car fending off the security guards.

Next stop Kentucky.

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