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Are we seeing things?






Old fishing huts

Are we in Holland?

Man made stacks


Mill for polishing stone


Byrum's stacks






Bla Jungfrun in the distance

Lighthouse at the north of island

The island of Öland is 85 miles long and just under 10 miles wide. It is the second largest Swedish island. Today we decided to explore the northern half of the island. The local tourist office had told us there was a gravel road from the small village Aleklinta that ran most of the way along the North West coast of the island. Turning off the main 136 route down the middle of the island at Alböke towards the village of Aleklinta we came across an unexpected sight – camels! Are we in the right country! Had we taken a wrong road somewhere? We discovered later that a local had developed a camel farm and according to blurb the camels did very nicely in the Swedish climate.

We found the coastal road and although the coastline was not spectacular it was interesting. We stopped several times to enjoy the view but also to explore old fishing huts, Öland’s only surviving mill for polishing stone and the Byrum’s stacks stone pillars carved out by the sea. We even saw in the distance the silhouette of Bla Jungfrun a granite dome in the Kalmar Strait.

We did get to the lighthouse at the northern tip of the island although by that time the weather was starting to come in so we headed back to base along the east coast of the island

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