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Granna church


View from the top



Is that us down there?



We were both suffering with colds and tiredness following the journey yesterday so we decided to have a quiet morning just wandering around Grȁnna. The town has two almost famous calls to fame. Firstly it’s striped rock candy – so you can imagine there many shops making and selling the candy. Secondly there was a Grȁnna born balloonist called Solomon August André who led a failed attempt to reach the North Pole by balloon in 1897- the local museum told the story.

We climbed 243 steps above the town to get a great view of Lake Vȁttern and the island of Visingsö. Also at the top there was a number of old thatched and grass roofed buildings brought here from the surrounding area.

After that we gave it up for the day and returned to base for a quiet day.

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