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As if this is what we need...

Gareth woke up yesterday with a grim bug - heaven knows wht it was, but he had more symptoms than you could shake a stick at. Headache, stomach, back pains, cold, hot, breathing pains etc etc. Not funny. On top of that he felt dizzy and kept trying to pass out. We figure that we've done a lot in a very short amount of time, so that hasn't helped. Our diet is also all over the shop, so we're going to try and steady that too.

Today (the day after), he feels better. But it was quite a ride. Helen, of course, was amazing, looking after him and making him drink nasty medicines etc.

Gareth's Dad contacted us to tell us that the package that we wanted to send home was going to cost 80 quid, so we trundled into the city to do a money transfer. Gareth nearly passed out on the train system and poor Helen had to transfer the dosh (although with Gareth's credit card!!).

Poor Gareth kept finding places to sit down, and got moved on twice!! He looked a sorry sight ;-)

So anyway - he's a lot better now, after sleeping non-stop for 20 hrs, so we're going to venture over to Kowloon today to see what the view is like.

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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