Sue and John to the Birdsville Races 2014 travel blog

The Gulf development Road


Lake Belmore - water supply to Croydon

Lake Belmore

Croydon landscape

The Gulf Savannah aeound Croydon

Croydon township

One of the yet to be restored historic properties - the old...

The Town Hall



Drove into Croydon early afternoon in time to have a drive around town and get to see the sights.

The drive from Ravenshoe to Croydon was a challenge. Most of the road was single lane bitumen with gravel lanes either side. Stones were flying everywhere. We got a large chip in the windscreen on the stretch of road and numerous chips on the van. All part of driving the outback.

The town water supply comes from Lake Belmore.

Croydon is steeped in history as it was one of the early gold mining towns that sprung up and died just as quickly when the gold ran out.

The local history has been well documented and they have established a really good information centre that shows a 20 minutes video on the town's history.

The van park is run by the local council and while it is somewhat dusty it is a really nice park

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