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Taking a break from a rain shower.... the condo of a "road angel"

Third break from a rain shower

Old Stone Quarry Park

For Mike - The Art Of Doing Nothin' #2 (do you see...

View from room - Stone Harbor Resort

Who need Vegas...

Today's day started off fabulous. Sunny and around 65.

Around 9:00 we went to a resturaunt next door to The Landing and ate at The Bistro. We had a great breakfast and left fueled for our ride to Sturgeon Bay.

The ride from Egg Harbor to Sturgeon bay is great on a bike. We followed County G which then turns into County B and is a fairly flat ride with some nice rolling hills. Staying on County B takes us right past the shipyard and into downtown Sturgeon Bay.

On the ride down we were caught by surpise by three rain showers. The first shower we ducked into some woods along an area of fine homes (mansions to us). Funny, we were always searching for a porch to duck under...not sure they'd appreciate the hobo looking people that we looked to be.

On the second downpour we found our first "Road Angel". Road Angels are those that are willing to do kind acts for those bike tourers out on the road. When the rain shower hit, we snuck under some trees down a lane which happened to be The Shores condominiums. Just then a woman drove up and asked Ann if she could help us. Ann said, "we're traveling and are just waiting out the rain." The kind woman said, "I'm leaving but you are more than welcome to stay under my covered patio in building 3 unit 4." Bless her...we did not get her name, but thanks kind lady in building 3 unit 4 at The Shores.

The third rain shower came at about mile 14 and we were planning a rest stop anyway. So we rested and read for about a hour at Old Stone Quarry Park. It made for a nice six mile ride in to Sturgeon Bay

Ann & I had planned to stay at the White Lace Inn but instead decided to check into the Stone Harbor Resort. We decided on the Stone Harbor resort because we were in town around 2:00 and we were looking to relax and hang out at a pool for the day and walk into town for dinner about two blocks away. When I asked about a bike rack she said, "we'll keep your bikes in the storage area for you." I said, "it's a deal".

All and all, a great day to ride, and a great day to relax and do this post at the pool with sun and 73 degrees.

Life is good today...

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